Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MG42 Review

I just got my hands on two MG42s so I figured I would do a review.

First I would like to metion the quality and detail in this gun:
Picture 069

Now lets go over the many different ways this gun can be held by a minifigure.

First the standard grip hold:

Picture 070

The barrel hold:

Picture 072

The barrel tip hold:

Picture 073

The stock hold:

Picture 074

All in all this is an excellent weapon. It even has a built in slot for the brickarms ammo chain! It is both usable as the MG42 it is meant to be and as a sci-fi repeater rifle of sorts.
Made with great detail it is no wonder it is one of the most wanted brickarms prototypes.
With 4 different ways to equip the weapons, no brickarms collection is complete without one of these beauties.

Finally, a quick shot just to show how great this weapon looks with a machete bayonet:
Picture 075